Join the Bphotography713 family and get exposure all over Houston tx.  

We’re currently looking for experienced photographers and videographers. We take pride in our customer service and only hire the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • 1+ years experience

  • Lightroom friendly

  • DSLR Camera

  • Transportation 

  • Ability to drive anywhere that you are booked

Please contact Bobby J if you have questions about the hiring process 8326315586

Job Opportunities

Bobby J is one of Houston Top photographers that specialize in studio work, retouching pictures and known for his instagram promo videos. Working with Everyone in the city he drops picture after picture and video after video. Read more about Bobby J below.

Bobby j

bobby j's bio

BOBBY J History

Bphotography713 was found by the young Entrepreneur Bobby J in 2013 . Started as a nightlife photographer in different clubs and nightlife scence, his name and company became one of the hottest names in Houston Tx. If you didnt have a Bobby J logo on your picture then it wouldnt be no reason to post it. Before there was any success in Bobby J career , he was just a photographer on the come up asking for advice from the photographers thats been in the game for over 10yrs but never got the help he was looking for. Doing small events local artist and promoters driving around in a car thats almost the same age as him, a 1993 Toyota corolla with no ac and the windows didnt roll down. Bobby J was still on the move to build his name and head towards the road to success. The first time Bobby J got some official business cards with his name and logo on them he would hit all the collages around Houston hoping  to get customers to do outside photoshoots for. It wasnt until Bobby J went to TSU (texas southern university) in Houston Tx where he ran into this older guy in a all white Jag with tented windows. The guy got out the car and asked young Bobby J what was he out here doing and Bobby J explained that he was new in the photography area and is just trying to find a way to come up on success. When Bobby J asked the guy what was he doing out here he replied "looking at all these beautiful ladies, i come up here all the time looking for a new girlfriend". He then asked Bobby J if he could help Bobby J pass out card and in return he just wanted to talk to some girls. Bobby J wasnt going to say no to some extra help to build his empire so he said ok. About a hour later the dude came up to Bobby J and said that he would come help Bobby J pass out business cards whenever he needed help as long as he can talk to some girls. They exchanged numbers and promoted for a week together, he asked Bobby J how serious he was about running his own business and Bobby J told him he was very serious. The guy told him that he would like to invest in Bobby J and wanted a percentage in return. Bobby J signed a year agreement and the rest is history. Bphotography713 is a name that everyone in Houston know and is looking foward to work with. Each year the location gets bigger and bigger because of so many clients come everyday to shoot.

Bphotography713 opened his 1st year of photography

Bphotography713 was nominated was Photographer of the year and Houston Appreciation Award by @Houstonhottestawardshow and walked home with the Photographer of the year award. This year sponsor was @Deluxevodka 
. This was year year that Bobby J was published in over 5 magazines and Partnered up with ATL hottest magazine @Hiphopweeklymagazine


Since partnering with Hiphopweekly magazine Bobby J is known for all the celebrity interviews in Houston Tx, Doing major artist photoshoots and has now opened a 2nd studio for photography studio for fellow photographers to rent out or learn training at.This whole year has been a major year for Bobby J because now hes doing radio and magazine interviews and has now built his own team of photographers and videographers